How to work around that a particular subdocument in a master document results in a crash when updating the master document, and that particular subdocument is not already open?

  1. The master document in question has links to about 30 files. It was last updated on 1 dec 20 (probably with LO 7.0.3)
  2. If one particular subdocument in the master document is open (in advance), then I can open the master document and answer “yes” to the dialog about updating all the external links.
  3. If that particular document is not open (in advance), then LO 7.1.4 (and crashes when I answer “yes” to the dialog box. (I have not had this problem in the past – i.e., with LO 7.0.3, I was able to update all links.)
  4. All the other subdocuments in the master document can be updated without problem (e.g., select all subdocuments in Master Navigator, then unselect the “problematic” subdocument, update selection).
  5. Tried again in Safe Mode (both LO 7.1.4 and with with same result. Crash immediately in 7.1.4 if the particular subdocument is not open in advance. With, the master document does not open, but at least it does not crash, but have to use task manager to delete the process (i.e., cannot close LO using Ctrl+Q)
  6. Tried deleting this subdocument from master document and then inserting it back into the master document. This also crashed though when I tried to update the link for that particular subdocument.
  7. Tried to insert the problematic subdocument into another (existing) master document. It crashed when I tried manually to update that subdocument in Master Navigator.
  8. Looked in the content.xml of the master document. Could not see anything unusual for the problematic file.
  9. Created a new master document, inserted the problematic subdocument. No problem with insert, no problem with opening the master document and answering “yes” to the update all links dialog.

Which leads to the question:
How can I add this one particular subdocument to an existing master document so that it will not crash if the subdocument is not open in advance? // especially given that it works properly when a new master document is created, and given point 5, does not seem to be a user profile problem.

As a possible workaround: Is there a way to “import” the master document with 30 subdocuments to a newly created master document? (or to manually cut and paste into the content.xml)?

As a possible workaround: Is there a way to “import” the master document with 30 subdocuments to a newly created master document?

Subdocuments (i.e. normal documents) are not limited to a master document.

This means that a subdocument can be integrated into several master documents.

You can also create a new master document and integrate your subdocuments.

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