How To Write Between Numbered Paras?

I have a document with a numbered list of questions.

When I try to write answers between the numbered items the thing just give my sentence a number and increases the total number of item.

How do I freeze it so’s I can write what I want?

You may either insert an Unnumbered Entry, or take the new paragraph out of numbering completely.

This is done e.g. like this: when you start the new paragraph (putting the cursor to the end of the question’s paragraph), press Enter to start the new paragraph normally - this will naturally insert a new numbered entry into the list. Now immediately press Backspace - this will convert this paragraph into Unnumbered Entry. It is logically second paragraph inside the same list entry, so it belongs to the list, and honors its formatting (indents), except for number itself. If you don’t want the unnumbered entry, then press Backspace again, and this second press will remove the paragraph from the list.

Too easy. Thanks a lot. It was a very vexing problem there for a while. :slight_smile: