How to write Relative Reference to a cell in another document?

I have a folder structure as follows

  1. home/…/Tests/Method5/Cubic/
  2. home/…/Tests/Method6/Cubic/
  3. home/…/Tests/Method7/Cubic/
  4. home/…/Tests/Method8/Cubic/

Now I want to create a document in the directory named “Method5/Cubic” and this document uses references to to multiple cells in multiple documents in the current directory but I want to use relative reference instead of absolute path references, so that when i copy the same file in to another directory i.e. “Method6/Cubic”, then it will automatically gets the references of documents from that particular directory. It will avoid wasting my time by changing file paths in each document.

This will save my time

Having chosen ‘Save URLs relative to file system’ under ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Load/Save’ > ‘General’ > ‘Save’ the bahaviour you want to get should be established.
Of course the files must exist under the identical names in the identical relative paths and the references must exist therein to work.
There is no specific way to “write” relative references (afaik). The formula editor will always show them in absolute style.

I did not use external references much for years now, but from long ago I remember some problems concerning named external references. Since then I did not use names for external references any more.

Maybe if he edits the XML afterwards ? Assuming the paths are plain text in there.

Under Windows the “relative” variant of pathes to save will be broken as soon as a different drive letter is used. I suppose this is also valid if you create the “drive” only with the SUBST command for the environment.