How to you merge multiple columns but keep separated by rows?


I have a spreadsheet where I have to merge multiple columns but want to keep them separated by rows. For example I have 20 rows and 10 columns. I would like to merge columns D, E, F without deleting any information but keep everything specarted by rows. How do you do this? Thank you.

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I do not believe this is currently possible, but I will update my original answer with an example for clarity. This Excel feature, evidently known as “merge across”, has been reported as enhancement request fdo#53850. Given four cells of data in A2:B3:

… selecting this range, it is not possible to obtain, via any option, the indicated “Required result”. Answering “Yes” or “No” to the question “Should the contents of the hidden cells be moved into the first cell?” results in that shown i.e., both rows are merged.