How/what folder to install offline help to LibreOfficePortable?

I’ve tried to download offline help capability to my LibreOffice Portable from a link on the main site, . I’ve tried installing it to the LibreOffice folder, since the default setting the installer wanted to use was C:LibreOffice. Still get the message ‘The LibreOffice built-in help is not installed on your computer.’ when I try to access help from LO Writer. What am I doing wrong? Should it be in a different folder, and if so which one?

Did you consult this recent thread and the guide to which the answer there links?

The relative path where the language/country specific help folders need to be unpacked to ist the same for portable LibO as it is for installed LibO, at least on Win.

Open the foo\bar\program\ folder where the soffice.exe resides. Starting there the basic folder for help is ..\help\ (one step towards tge root, then CD help). An unpacked offline help will reside there in a subfolder like en-GB e.g. It’s indispensable to get the .msi for 32 bit and exactly matching the LibO version, the UI language and -where applicable- the country set under ‘Options’. The locale you set probably different from the UI does not matter.