How would I create a report on changes in commission each month

I have managed to paste a spreadsheet to create a table in Base, but where to from here? I imagine pasting a new table in each month, just keeping the current and previous months (so two tables), so I can compare any changes. Also the ability to highlight or alert me if the amount changes by more than $5-$10 would be the best. Thanks for any help!

Edited to add:

I have excel but as my software is a few years old it may not do what I want it to. I will look into Calc. I downloaded Libre because I wanted to experiment for a solution with Base (as I don’t have access, but do have a fair amount of experience with it) I did want to just use a spreadsheet but seeing as I’ll be importing two columns of spreadsheet, one which is client names and changes slightly month to month, and the second column which is commission received from each client, and I need to make sure the numbers stay with the respective client. IE: Mr Bloggs $16.72 Mr James $33.19 Fox & Fox $20.21

And the next month it could be: Mr Bloggs 20.89 Mr James $30.33 Mrs New $5.91

I want to be able to clearly see if the amount relating to each client is significantly different from the past month (indicating a possible issue or error). I was worried about trying to make a formula that wouldn’t be able to take into account if a new person was in the column, and mess up the numbers etc. Any thoughts would be welcome, and thank you for your initial answer.

Based upon the information in your question, it seems you have little knowledge of Base. This is not a bad thing but it places you at a disadvantage as to how to utilize it correctly. Your specified use seems tedious for the result received.

It may be better for you to stick entirely with Calc. Not knowing exactly what you are attempting, it may be better to copy the finished monthly info onto a different sheet and then make comparisons based on that.

If this seems like an approach to take, either start a new question with more specifics about what it is you are attempting, or modify this question to reflect the same.

If in fact you do wish to pursue this in Base, at least start with a basic understanding ( see LO docs - click here) and provide more info on what you are attempting to accomplish.

Edit 5/22/17:

Have posted a possible Calc solution in your other post.

If you wish to pursue Base to some extent, here is a possible solution. You have a single table containing the name, amount and m/y of the info. Each month you simply add to this table the new figures creating a complete history. To get the information you request, just create an SQL query. In the query use parameters with which to enter the months to compare. Using these parameters, the query selects the appropriate records, compares the variation, and outputs any result outside this amount.

Now on the surface it may seem complex. However the key is in the SQL (another learning curve).

It is only my opinion, but if I were to do this, I would stick with Calc or Base for the entire solution. Using both only seems to add unnecessary overhead.

I can’t avoid using calc as the info comes from a webpage on a .csv file. Though there may be a possibility it could come otherwise, but I agree with you. Thank you for your help!