How would I suppress the header on the first page of a chapter when different headers are used for odd and even pages?

I’m writing a book with Writer. The wish is that the left (even) pages of the book have the book title as header, and the right (odd) pages have the chapter title as header (which I can accomplish) but also to suppress the header on the first page of each chapter (which I can’t accomplish). It looks a little lame to have such a header at the top of the first page of the chapter, competing for attention with the chapter title. I can get the alternation of headers by setting up a right page style followed by left, and a left page style followed by right, inserting the field for the chapter title on the right page header, and typing in the book title for the left page header. But when I try to set “first page” style or “default style” for the first page of a chapter, the setting appears to be overridden by the previous setting that left style is followed by right and right style is followed by left. My setting of styles for those first pages of the chapters just disappear – when I return to the pages they are set as right page or left page. So it appears that I have the choice of not alternating the headers or just going ahead and tolerating the headers on the first page of each chapter, and trying to learn to love them. Any solutions that would let me have my alternating headers and suppress some too? Thanks for thinking about this!

Instead of using the “Followed by” function for the “page_body” style, use Mirrored under the Page tab. Then set headers for right and left pages. Then create a page style, say “New_Chapter”, without any header, and invoke it whenever you have a new chapter. Set it to be followed by the Page_Body style again.