Howto make a custom user profile for every new user

Hello, i’m building a dutch spin of linuxmint oem.
here is my problem. i wanto customize the default user profile so that when a user is created the customized userprofile is copied to that persons home folder.
why iwant to do that ? i want to adjust the save paths ( where in english it is /home/user/Documents, but in dutch it`s /home/user/Documenten), and aply some other settings and tweaks, so everyone in my organisation has exact same profile. without me have to spend hours to tweak every computer manualy.
thx in advance :wink:

btw using libreoffice 5.1 (forgot to add that)

would this does the trick?

put a modified registrymodifications.xcu /etc/skel/.config/libreoffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu
so every new user have a copy placed into their ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user folder
(or would this be overwriten by libreoffice it self. ??)
lets say i created that “template” registrymodifications.xcu with user “test”
so if i would make a post-installscript that would replace “test” with “$USER” with in that registrymodifications.xcu using sed.
just thinking outloud.

The user profile for LibO in Linux-Mint is held in the /home/user/.config/libreoffice folder, where user is the user’s id. You should be able to copy across the profile to each user. Providing you are using the same version of LibreOffice…Peter

Update. The profile is created the first time you open LibreOffice, and recreated if you delete the profile. I would create a profile on your system and copy the complete virgin profile to each user before opening LibO for the first time. This will then have no file history. You may need to customize some user settings for each user TOOLS > OPTIONS > LibreOffice > for example User Data for each user.

should i overwrite all the files within there? Or just the registrymodifications.xcu