Howto Set LO defaults


Searching the help docs and using the suggested “Tools” + “Options” I cannot find options for the defaults I legally have to have:

  1. LO Write: Always has to save as .docx file,
  2. LO Calc: Always has to save as .xlsx file,
  3. Page Margins: Accommodate regular/duples print all margins .05 regular, ,75 L/R for bound duplex printing,
  4. Font: Default Arial 10 pt,
  5. Templates: Must save as .dotx or .xltx,

I cannot find anyplace to properly set these and any legal or military doc must meet these requirements.



Be warned (by the many questions/issues to be found on this site): 1.) and 2.) are bad ideas.

The simplest way to observe your requirements is to use M$ Office suite.

If your choice is motivated by the fact that LO is free (meaning no fee and no piracy), you can do it but be prepared for some compatibility issues with “complex” documents: M$ formats are proprietary formats and their specification is not widely available. At least, no developer has signed any agreement with M$. Consequently, what can be done on M$ documents origins in publisehed bits and imperfect retro-engineering.

  1. Go to Tools>Options, Load/Save>General; select Text document and Word 2007-365 (*.docx)

  2. Go to Tools>Options, Load/Save>General; select Spreadsheett and Excel 2007-365 (*.xslx)

  3. Since you have conflicting requirements for single/duplex printing, create two *page styles. You can keep Default Style for your most frequent task and configure another one for the second case. Margins are in the Page tab of the page style configuration dialog.

  4. Go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (Western) and set your preferences (I don’t know if it exports to Calc)

  5. Since templates are less frequent documents than others, you’ll have to set the format manually when saving (because the Load/Save options only allow to select one format per type.

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I think his motives is that he works with people who are used to work with M$ Office, so this workaround is to be sure that they can read his document.

However, I tried Word and Excel 2016, they can open ODF documents.