Hpyerlink instruction/ tutorial help

I need help understanding how to create a document hyperlink .I do not understand how to use some of the feilds.

For example. What is the NAME section under FURTHER settings?
I see that TEXT will be what the person sees on the page but what does NAME do?

I had a look at the XML used to save the document.

The Name field is kept only for “Text” hyperlinks. It is ignored for “Button” hyperlinks.

I think it is relevant only when you save your document as .html.

The text hyperlink is made an <a> element with attributes from the hyperlink properties: <a href="dest" name="the_name"> where dest is the target bookmark in the document and the_name is taken from the Name field in the dialog.

For a button hyperlink, the name= attribute is a sequential id “Push Button n” where n is automatically incremented. However, the Name data gives a user-name to the button which allows you to locate it in Navigator Draw objects section.

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