HSQLDB Macro to Firebird

I’m starting to convert some of my current DB’s from HSQLDB to Firebird, but am having issues with Macros. Both HSQLDB and the Firebird DB’s are on the same PC so I have not selected “Enable Experimental features” in case this kills my working DB’s.

The first thing the Macro does is move to the last record in the table to check a field has the correct value, so I know all the data has imported correctly, as per the code extract below.

DB=Context.getByName("DB Name")
Result=Stmt.executeQuery("SELECT *FROM TableName")

This works fine in HSQ but fails in Firebird at the last line with the error:

“An exception occurred
Type: com.sun.star.sdbc.SQLException
Message: The driver does not support the function ‘last not supported in firebird’

So is this a bug in the interpretor as Firebird is not fully rolled out and stable yet, or is it because I need to select “Experimental” which may be an issue if it kills the HSQ DB code. Or worse does Firebird really not support “Last()” in which case there will be a lot of re coding, if so where can I find a resource for code in an embedded Firebird in LO DB.

See this post Firebird equivalent for resultset.last

Thanks for the quick reply, may take the fix from that post. Lets hope they sort this bug