Hsqldb version

What version of HSQLDB is embedded in Libreoffice 3.6.3 ?

SQL syntax I found in the HSQLDB is 2.2 guide does not work.
I did find that OpenOffice 3.0 embedded version 1.8 - my guess that never changed for LibreOffice.

[This web site] {edit: link at oooforum.org is broken} has methods to check the version of HSQLDB. My LO 3.6.3 gives a HSQLDB version of for an embedded database.

You can run HSQLDB 1.8 or 2.2 as an external embedded or client server database. There is a lot of information on the OpenOffice Base forums about this. Check here or here to get started.

Your first link is no longer working, unfortunately.

This link still works: [Solved] Which version of HSQL is shipped with LO 3.5.5 (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

But if it doesn’t, it says:
Create a new database with LibreOffice, save it, and close it. Rename the file extension from ODB to ZIP. Expand the ZIP file:

Look in database/properties.