HSQLDB vs Firebird - comparison chart?

I’m starting a new topic because the last similar topic was over a year old and I got a warning message about replying to it.

I’ve enable experimental features in my LO portable 7.2.0 so that I can test out Firebird embedded, but I was wondering if there’s a feature-by-feature comparison chart somewhere? I had enabled experimental in my main LO install, but when it wanted to migrate my HSQLDB odb file, the migration page it linked to made me decide not to bother. A simple summary of the pros and cons as they stand now in 2021 would be quite interesting, I think.

Nothing new there since LO 6.4. This is the reason for putting Firebird back to experimental.

See Firebird Migration for details, which are all the same for LO 7.2.


Thank you for that. Since nothing has changed, I’ll keep using HSQLDB on my main install and play with Firebird on my portable.