HTML Document: Inserted Media Does Not Play In Browser

Created an HTML Doc in LibreOffice. Inserted a media file.
The file has an image in LibreOffice, and plays in LibreOffice.

When I save the HTML file and open it in a browser, I see that image, but it is a static image. It does not play.

I had not tried this before so I did. Inserting a sound file in a Writer document. An image of a speaker is shown in the Writer document and it plays. Saving as HTML shows the same image but no sound plays. Examining the HTML it shows an image being inserted, a gif in fact, but no sound file. I have found in the past that LO produces poor HTML code and its better to use a program designed for creating web pages,

Yeah, exactly the problem I had. I hope the LO team watches this forum, and notes the bugs we report.