Html pages saved in 7.4.7 aren't saved in 24.2.0,

Hi all,
Recently I upgraded libreoffice-impress from version 7.4.7 to 24.2.0.
When exporting an .odp file to html, using 7.4.7 a popup opens where I can specify html . Following the link Export… (note the dots) takes me to another popup which eventually results in writing html pages, as many as there are slides.
However, when exporting to html using 24.2.0 a similar popup opens, but when I then specify html there is just an ‘Export’ button (no dots) and when I select that a single html file is written, merely containing, e.g., section headers. What should I do to export the .odp file to separate html files, like the way version 7.4.7 does?


Feature Removal / Deprecation

  • Drop Impress/Draw’s HTML Export wizard. Exporting to HTML from the UI behaves now the same way as using --convert-to html:"impress_html_Export" from the command line, the slides being exported as a single document. tdf#105303 (Xisco Fauli, TDF)

Is this the problem you handle with?

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Thanks for your quick reply!
It looks like your suggestion unfortunately does not solve the problem: when I execute ‘loimpress --convert-to html:“impress_html_Export”’ it results in one single html file, like the one I get when following the File->Export route in version 24.2.0, instead of separate html pages containing the html-equivalents of the subsequent slides, which is what File->Export produced in versions 7.4.7 (and before).
So the question is: how, using 24.2.0, can I export in such a way that each slide is covered in a separate web-page?

Maybe use a parallel installation, Installing several versions of LibreOffice in parallel - The Document Foundation Wiki . LibreOffice still has the wizard but I suppose when 7.6.5 comes out, it might not. Otherwise, export as pdf

If you have a compelling case then create a bug report, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

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Hi EarnestAI,
Thanks for your suggestions. For now I stick to Converting to pdf does work, but that’s (clearly) not html… So I followed your suggestion to file a bug. Hopefully eventually the html-saving option returns…

tdf#159753 - marked as Resolved; not a bug

Well, that’s a pity, but thanks for the provided information.

You possibly didn’t add yourself to the cc list, and thus didn’t receive email about the status of the report. You may wish to look at the comments in the bug report.

Hi robleyd,
Thx for your post. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the cc list’ and ‘the report’, but while searching for the problem encountered with 24.2.0 I didn’t get useful hits. In the end I’m just an (enthousiastic, don’t get me wrong) user of the libreOffice programs, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get reports etc.

When you are logged in to Bugzilla, you can add yourself to the cc list for any bug, to receive emails when comments are made on the bug or its status is changed.

Put your compelling case for a change when you file a report so people know why you need the change.

Look in your Spam folder for emails from; as reporter of a bug you are automatically added to the email list.

Hi robleyd, EarnestAI,
Don’t worry: I do receive postings of this discussion in my e-mail. As an aside: the mail I receive states, among other things: … reply to this email to respond. But the mail is sent from a ‘noreply’ address :wink:
And what is ‘compelling’? We’ve offered html-versions of the slides to our students now for decades, and the nice thing about that is that not everything has to be downloaded and specific pages are directly available on request. No, that’s not a ‘compelling case’, but just very nice for the students. If you’d like too fool around a bit with some of those slides, you can download a subset of four slides from