Hyperlink in scalc not working

Hi all,

Hyperlinks I create work only for the first time. As I create the hyperlink it works fine, but once I save the document close and reopen it, hyperlink doesn’t work. I cannot even edit the hyperlink button that I created. I’m facing this problem when creating hyperlinks;
1.Within the same workbook
2.Between two workbooks
3.Linking to a website
4.Linking to another document

I was initially using LibreOffice v3.6.3 but then upgraded to LibreOffice v4.0.1 thinking issue might have been solved. But sadly still facing the same problem

My PC config:- Dell Optiplex 380
Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit
LibreOffice v4.0.1

Any help is much appreciated

PS- I’m saving scalc files in “.xls” format

Can a moderator (if @Fayaz is unable) please edit the question to make it clear this is a Form of “Button” + XLS specific issue, rather than a generic hyperlink issue? Thanks.

This appears to be bug fdo#35392. From the description “I cannot even edit the hyperlink button that I created” it is an issue that relates specifically to using the Insert > Hyperlink > Internet/Document > Further Settings > Form of “Button” method and only for the XLS file format. As indicated in the attachment to the bug Description, one workaround is to use plain text link (Form of “Text”) instead. Another workaround is to use the HYPERLINK function.

Also note that since v4.0.3 to open a hyperlink either CTRL+click (Linux/Win) or CMD+click (MacOS) is required to avoid automatically launching the browser when clicking on a cell, as described in this thread.

Thx oweng :slight_smile: Confirming CTRL+click on the link (Linux/Win) works

@Fayaz - I think it was a good idea to move your qeustion out of the previous question originally created by @kunzi.

However let me add here two links that others can read what has been exchanged on the this topic:


I keep fingers crossed that someone with the some OS and LIbO configuration makes some tests.

@ROSt53 - Thanx alot

I have exactly the same problem on my Mac with version 4.0.

When you say “exactly the same problem” I presume you are not referring to your post here, because that is a different issue.