Hyperlink self copies to destination sheet

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We have been using Libre spreadsheet and Excel for 3 years now and all of a sudden when you create a hyperlink it auto copies into the destination sheet of the hyperlink.

If you create a hyprelink in sheet 3 pointing to destination sheet 1 it removes the hyperlink entry in sheet 3 and places the hpyerlink in sheet 1.

Example: Sheet one is called STUDENT NAME in box A1 you type the word Student name. Now create new sheet named ALex. Create a hyperlink in Alex sheet, A1 to link back to destination sheet Student name. In the past this has worked fine but now once you save/ click on the hyperlink it overwrites the name on student sheet AI to Alex removing the hyperlink you have just created in Alex and placing it in A1 Student name.

It is almost like its the opposite of what we use to do.
Hyperlink copies itself into the destination and deletes itself from the origin sheet

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

oh I am using a Mac OSX.

Can anyone help?

Try resetting the user profile. Sometimes solve strange issues.