Hyperlink stopped working after upgrade

I upgraded Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 and Libreoffice version is now

My problem is that now HYPERLINK function doesn’t work anymore in my CALC sheet (below the french name of the function):


When I click on the cell, nothing happen whereas before, it would run basic code (instructions to print to PDF). The same for other Hyperlink calls in the file…

Is it a known bug ? I don’t have anterior version of LO to have confirmation my problem is due to the upgrade though

I´m working with LibreOffice Version: on OpenSUSE 13.1 now and having the same problems.
With version 4.0.1 there were no problems. We have a lot of problems while this is not working anymore.
How can we give this problem a hi priority on the bug-list? Because i’m pretty sure it is a bug :frowning:

I have a similar problem, with LibreOffice Version: on OpenSUSE 13.1, but it seem to be limited to the case when the path contains spaces or not ASCII characters like è, é, ü, ä, etc.
It is definitely a bug. I do not know whether somebody may have interest to fix it, since Version 4.2 is already out…

Update: I installed Version: Problem persist.
However, under Windows, using, the problem does not appear.

I have the same problem with LibreCalc Version on Ubuntu. Has someone already written a bugfix for LibreCalc on Linux ? Or is there a buglist, where i can post this bug ?

Ok, there is a buglist, and the bug is reported 2013-10-28 :frowning:



its still reported since October/2013 but nobody works on it

:(, I would donate 20$ for libreoffice, if someone fix this bug.

thanks to @Markus1 Mohrhard, karolus, Andreas Säger, … the Bug is fixed in the Daily-Version of LibreCalc. :slight_smile:

There is a security option in:

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Security/Options - Ctrl-click required to follow hyperlinks

I unchecked the Ctrl-click option, closed then reopened my file, (macro enabled), still nothing happen when I click on the cell containing the HYPERLINK.

Moreover, I just opened it with libreoffice 4.0.2 and it works just fine (although the security option Ctrl+click is checked!)

Instead of putting the HYPERLINK directly into the cell -which obviously is broken since new version of LO- I call the LINK using a form button, and it works great.

Draw a push button, then copy your link under the “ACTION” property (which is an open web page action) in this way, you can still pass arguments to your macro:


this is only a workaround. buttons dont suit my needs. I think someone should fix the bug in Libre-Calc.

Okay, I have over 6,000 absolute hyperlinks in a spreadsheet and they no longer work. I tried ctrl-click, I tried the way I have always done this (just clicking it) and the links do not work! Relative hyperlinks still work but I need a way to “fix” this problem. I didn’t create this problem, I don’t like the idea of manually editing 6,000+ absolute hyperlinks that were working fine just yesterday.

I just did what mariosv wrote above and it runs fine for me now. First I tried to run the hyperlink with Ctrl+click and it worked fine, then I went on Tools/Options/Security/Options and I unchecked that option. It worked fine for me both ways. Thanks, Mario!

Here is another workaround wich is also not perfekt. It uses the doubleclick-event of the sheet.