I’m using LibreCalc on Ubuntu 16.04.

In older versions it was possible to run macros using a cell that contained something like this:


This appears to have been deprecated (software rot?).

Is there a way to start a macro with a cell-level ctrl-click?


Strange enough: I could not find a related bug report (neither resolved nor open).
Trying with and with your formula did not create a link calling the ‘Main’ sub.
With (RC1) of, however, it worked. Let’s hope, it will also work with the releases of the 5.2 series.

Thank you for looking and responding. I will look forward to 5.2.


It was bug https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70959

solved with 5.2

@karolus: Thanks for the info - and for reporting! (I had used the search words hyperlink+script, and not found relevant matches. Today it worked. Possibly an unnoticed typo on my begalf.)

Thank you. I did not see that bug report when I first started looking for a solution.