Hyperlinked alphabetic index

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make index entires hyperlinks, just like in a table of contents?

Presumably you are referring to the Alphabetic Index feature? In which case, yes, it would. The Hyperlink button (Entries tab, when inserting the index) is currently not available for this type of index. There are currently enhancement requests open for including this button for the Illustration Index (FDO#39904) and Index of Tables (FDO#37608). The User-Defined, Table of Objects, and Bibliography table/index types do not include this feature either (only the Table of Contents current does).

Please feel free to report a bug and mark it as an enhancement request. If you do so, please report the bug number back here in this question as “fdo#123456”. Thanks.

fdo#39904 · Status: RESOLVED FIXED (LibreOffice 4.1.1 / 4.2.0)

Many thanks to many_k, Paul Dallas, and especially Cedric Bosdonnat! It would still be great if fdo#71385 got some attention.

Actually, the problem is present back in LO r.5.1.1

yes, the problem remains (LO 6)!

The bug still lives in version 7. Seems to have been sitting there these past 9 years since it was first reported! Any updates on progress to resolve it?

It would appear that Bug fdo#71385 has been raised on 8 Nov. 2013 regarding this issue; let’s all hope it gets implemented!

fdo#71385 · Status: NEW