Hyperlinks created with OpenXML are removed once converted to PDF

I have a word document with a hyperlink in, in word document format it is fine, displays and saves as a hyperlink. I then run the command line command to convert to pdf but the hyperlinks are removed.

I am on the newest version, is this something I am doing wrong or is the functionality not available?

I have a word document, the hyperlink is already in the document. When I open it using libreoffice then Hyperlink disappears. Almost as if libreoffice is removing it when the document is opened.

So after some further investigation, Hyperlinks that I have in the document seem to be working okay.

The difference is the hyperlinks I want have been added programatically using openXML from a .NET application. Any of these hyperlinks are present in the docx however when converted to pdf using libreoffice command line then the hyperlinks are removed.

Is there something different to the type of hyperlink that openXML would insert into the document. I have also tried adding the hyperlink using the MS Word Interop and the same behaviour is exhibited, the hyperlink is removed once converted to a pdf.