I am absolutely not-technological

I just started to use LibreOffice. After having glued a text on a white page (just words), some vertical lines appeared, light grey color, after every word: how can I remove them? thank you…

Hello @Aquarius50 and welcome to LibreOffice!

i saw that you included the tag “base” and not “writer”;

The program called “Base” is not meant as a Text Editor, but as a front end to make Databases.

For Text Editing, please use the program “Writer”.

If these grey vertical lines do occur in Writer, then please upload a screenshot of it, by editing your original question.

You probably pasted (not glued) text with so-called non-breaking spaces instead of normal spaces. Text with non-breaking spaces will stay on one line if it’s not longer than the line can hold. They are useful in certain cases, but probably not for the document that you just started. You can easily get rid of them by putting the cursor after or before each one of them and pressing Backspace or Delete, respectively. You can also do it with Replace, but you may not be ready for that yet.