I am starting with an xlsx spreadsheet with text in it. How do I achieve a "text tab delimited" output in Libre Office please?

I realise that I may be asking the wrong question … I am trying to find out how to start with what I now realise is a Microsoft format (xlsx) and end up with an acceptable file in Libre Office format. Please note my aim is not printouts or layout of any kind, the information, which includes a column of numbers and two or three columns with quite a lot of text, is I believe destined for a database, but I have no control over that.

The essential file I end up with must be “text tab delimited”, I assume this replaces the original “columns” in the spreadsheet. This is for database use, not printout use, so the visual formatting is not relevant to me.

A friend said “just save the xlsx into an Open Office format”, but this only allows me then to save it out of Calc as a csv file again, and I am back where I started … I can choose tab delimiting, but every time I read or save it after that, it either installs loads of extra “” marks, or erases all the commas in the content text, or both!

I can “open it with” ods, but that again only gives me .csv as the Open Office format, with the same results above.

I need to be able to produce something compatible with the Microsoft text tab delimited, but in LO and not with a lot of extra characters inserted or deleted …

I’m fine as long as I have the Microsoft suite installed - I can just save or re-name to xls. As soon as I don’t have that avaialble, I seem to be stymied.

Thank you for any info.

By the way there used to be some access to the LO team for help, has that ended, or am I looking in the wrong place?

When you Save your file as a CSV, check the box “Edit filter settings” and then click on Save.

A dialog will allow you to choose Tab as the Field delimiter.

If you are using LO version 4.1.2 or above the delimiter should be maintained between saves. Otherwise use Save As and check the box “Edit filter settings” to make sure Tab remains as the delimiter.

(Off-topic) Some LO team members occasionally read and answer questions on this site. Alternatively you can try the Users mailing list http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Users-f1639498.html

Thank you I will try that and report back in due course.