I am the only user on my computer. I can't download an upgrade because I have to sign in as an administrator. I use my own password to sign on

I want to download the 4.4.5 version. I have Windows 10. How do I log on as an administrator?

Hi sussex

I last used Windows at XP. M$ introduced UAC at Vista, and it has blighted the lives of Windows’ users ever since.

For all modern OS there are (broadly) 2 types of users:-

  1. root (Linux) / Administrator (Windows)
    (these guys & girls get full access to all parts of the system)
  1. users
    (this is everybody else)

To setup the system and/or install anything for everybody you need to be an Administrator. Every computer has a root/Administrator user. When you setup your computer you would have been instructed to give a password for your Administrator (‘Administrator’ is also the name of that user). Therefore:-

To sign in as an Administrator you log out as your ‘normal’ user & re-login as the “Administrator”.

You will then be able to download & update LO. Hopefully, you will be able to auto-update from within LO. Else, manual download & update.

If it is any comfort, that is also the situation within Linux. It is simply that every Linux user knows & understands that that is how stuff works.

For a long time Windows users got used to using Windows as the Administrator. That was perfectly wonderful for every malign interest on the planet as (just one example) it allowed Cryptolocker to encrypt every single file on the system, as it had full Admin rights to the whole system.

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