I am trying to enter a persons name, True, but it converts it to TRUE

This is something Boolean, and I can enter “True” but that’s not very convenient

Enter it with a leading apostrophe 'True which tells Calc to keep an otherwise convertible (to number, date, time, boolean) input as literal text, here True.

Thanks, that worked.

I have the same problem with a name True.

The apostrophe 'True works to keep True from becoming TRUE, but then the apostophe prints. The apostrophe technique works in Excel but Excel does NOT print.

So is there a way to keep the apostrophe from printing?

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Anyway, I just tried printing to PDF and the apostrophe was not printed. LO 7.4.2 and 5.3.7 …

You can however pre-format a cell to “number format” Text and anything you enter there afterwards stays text.

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