I am trying to load latest version of LibreOffice because my mergedlo.dll is missing

When trying to load latest version, I get - ‘The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable . Click OK or enter alternative path to a folder containing LibreOffice_6.4.0.Win_x64.msi’
Error 1714.the older version of LibreOffice6.4.5.2 cannot be removed - Contact your technical support group’

If you seek help, you should provide more information, esp. about any error message / error code you get (Does it ask for an MSI package?) - and please retag, since your problem isn’t solely a writer problem but a common and installation issue.

Thanks for that, can you tell me how to ‘place’ the file?
Sorry I am a bit of a novice!

Translate Place into Copy to/Put into (Sorry - I’m not a native speaker). It just means that you need to copy the file to the directory, which is mentioned in the error message.

Alternatively you leave it in your Downloads directory and tell the installer, when the error message appears and asks for the location=folder containing LibreOffice_6.4.0.Win_x64.msi (Click OK or enter alternative path message), that it is in Downloads.

Thanks for that - problem solved!!

Please consider to click the check mark (:heavy_check_mark:) next to the answer, which fixed your problem.


thanks for the update, which makes the problem clear now - to fix:

Note This is a problem of the Windows MSI installer cache and Windows requires the old installation package to install the new package (i.e. to uninstall the old package, or parts of it, before installing the new one) to work around that cache problem.

Hope that helps.