I am trying to print an A4 envelope

I use Libre Office and want to print an envelope to hold an A4 letter. I have the envelope which measures 2109mm across.

I have tried the HP contact; the agent said if it is not on the paper list I cant print??

Has anyone any idea on how to print this envelope?

Is this a geometrical/mechanical constraint with your printer tray or a procedural question with LibreOffice?

Edit your question (don’t use an answer for something which is not an answer) to provide more information: printer brand and type, OS, LO version is a bare minimum.

If your tray can accommodate slightly larger format than A4, you can try defining custom size pages. Another suggestion: as long as stationery can travel through the printer undamaged, don’t bother yourself with the exact dimensions; use A4 in Writer and trust the printer for imaging your formatted document in an A4 window on the envelope (you may need to test where this window is “anchored” on the envelope).

I can load the envelope but cannot find a paper size to print. Should be a question for HP but they only seem to know US sizes for envelopes.

I not now sure whether this firum csn help unlesx someone has thr same printer?

Sorry yes you are correct on size.

need DL size for folded A4.

A4 paper size is 210 x 297mm. An envelope to take this paper unfolded is C4 size 229 x 324mm. The width you quoted cant be 2109mm, this is 83 inches.