I am trying to update to 4.24. The installer says I must log in as administrator. I am logged in as administrator. How can I get the installer to recognize this?

LibreOffice 4.24, ENG, installer (common)
Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, English, 64 bit

right-click on the file, select “execute as admintrator”

You could also try lowering the UAC settings. That’s in Control Panel, User Accounts, Change User Account Control Settings, Change the setting on the slider to Never Notify (take note of where it is). Okay your way out. You will then have to restart the computer for the settings to take place. Then try the install. Whether it works or not, remember to set the UAC setting back to where it was.

From a security perspective, it is not very wise, but if the UAC stops LO from installing, then you have to lower it. I have Win 7 32-bit, and I lower it in order to have LO install. The UAC asks if you want to install a program, so with it lowered you will not be prompted for software installations (a security feature most users were annoyed with when Vista came out with it). Hence, after installing LO (or not), return the UAC to the higher setting for security purposes and restart.

I am having a similar problem installing on Win 8.1 64bit. The installer deleted the old version except for a folder called progrAm under libreoffice. It is read/write protected and there is no way to remove it so the installer can proceed.

I tried running as Admin and still same issue.

With Win 7 (I’ll assume it would be the same with Win 8), Right click on your “Program” folder, Properties, uncheck the Read Only Box. Okay out. You may need to do the same thing for subfolders (I’m not testing this to see what happens on my installation). Then maybe you will be able to delete the program folder and sub-folders.