i am trying to upgrade libreoffice kde, 32bit processor, conflict packages - not installing libreoffice-core...why? because the new libreoffice upgrade to ubantu8 wont uupgrade lo core that is ubantu 6-1 tried to remove libreoffice - reinstall .

terminal data is gone.

i did a sudo remove libreoffice
i did a sudo get update
it updated libreoffice
gave me conflict of libreoffice-core ubantu8 conflict with libreoffice-core ubantu6-l so not installed

how do i rremove this conflict?

You are asked to give LO version + OS version. Copying the exact error message would also be sane here.

OS is Ubantu 12.04 -libreoffice was removed, following the instructions to remove LO then upgrade LO to remove conflicts, so there is currently no libre office installed,
i did this:
sudo apt-get autoremove libreoffice libreoffice-common
sudo apt-get update
LO has been removed, and can’t install because of conflict packages. Removed Libre3, if that helps. TKY
can’t print terminal results here…not enough space.