I am unable to save any files or edit user paths when using LO Writer from the Tails OS

I work with Libre Office from my Windows OS without any problems, I have recently started using the Tails OS which has Libre Office installed by default.
I can print documents but cannot save anything, when trying to save, the screen dims and nothing happens.
I have looked into security settings in - Tools>Options but cannot find a setting which changes this behaviour.
I also tried changing default Paths but the same thing occurs there too.
The problem seems to be with Libre Office because I can save documents using a text editor without any trouble.
I would be grateful if there is a solution to this problem.

Just tested Tail OS on a virtual machine (using ISO image) and it seems to be a bad idea to save files on that operating system machine, since saved data won’t be persistent and will get lost after reboot (There seems to be a method called Persistent Storage making this functionality available). That makes me ask: How do you try to save your files? Do you use a network storage to accomplish this?

You are correct about the storage, both amnesic and the optional persistent.
I have enabled persistent storage and saving files written with a text editor works perfectly with both types of storage. So I still think the answer lies with some LO setting.
I have googled this question without success and the Tails website when trying outwith Tails gives this unhelpful answer - “tails.boum.org uses an unsupported protocol” end of story.

Booted up Tails this morning created my system password and logged into persistence and was still unable to save files from Libre Office to my persistence folders.
I opened the settings app in case there was something I had missed and noticed the Display section was showing two monitors and I only have one. Several months ago I had problems with my monitors HDMI input and had to connect a VGA cable to get my monitor to work, I eventually sorted the HDMI input but neglected to remove the VGA cable. I have now removed this cable and rebooted Tails several times and this file save problem seems to have disappeared.
I don’t understand the relationship between the Display and my file save problem, however it appears to be resolved.