I am unable to see an inserted image in my doc.

Is their a code that I need to change to make images visible?

Please check if the option Tools : Options : LibreOffice Writer : View : Display : Images and objects is checked.

Followed the directions given above and it solved my problem without a doubt. THANK YOU!

I dont see a LibreOffice Writer option anywhere
image description

Hi themepenguin. I came to this site with the very same problem, but didn’t see any answer here. So I went to the documentation online that I found the other day and worked my way down to the ‘image’ section. It seems that we can’t copy and paste directly into a Writer document, at least not with a photograph which is what I’ve been trying to do. First we have to copy and paste into some bitmap editor. The documentation mentions GIMP but also says LibreOffice Draw might work fine. So I opened my Draw program, copied and pasted there, then from there into my document. It also said if there is any adjustment needed to the image, it should be done in that intermediate program, before pasting into Writer. If it’s not a photo or bitmap image that you want to copy, there are other directions. They are on page 225, and I’ll paste a link here if I can. I hope this helps.