I am using version on a Mac

I just updated to Mac OS 10.10.3. Now when I open Writer and try to perform any task it crashes with the message: “To open “soffice” you need to install the legacy Java SE6 runtime.” Can someone please help this non-techie understand what to do?

Why an ancient LO on newest OS X ? Something’s off there: OS X has been 64-bit-only for so long and LO is available as 32-bit only, so you can’t be correct here, unless there’s some trick about OS X I don’t know.

Ah yes. The wonder of updates.

This is from the LO Helpfiles:-

LibreOffice supports the Java platform for running applications and components based on the JavaBeans architecture.

For LibreOffice to support the Java platform, you must install the Java 2 Runtime Environment software. When you installed LibreOffice, you automatically received the option to install these files if they were not yet installed. You can also install these files now if required.

Java needs to be correctly installed on your computer in order for LO to be able to make use of it. It clearly was correctly installed & up-to-date before your OS Update. However, having successfully updated your OS the previous version of Java no longer works with your current OS & you will need to update to one that does. It should be possible to ignore the Writer message about ‘legacy SE6 runtime’. Just install a version of Java that works with your OS (there have been problems with some previous versions with 10.10, supposedly now fixed).

After Java installation configure Java as to which version you will be using:-

menu:- Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Advanced (choose the latest version installed)

The messages & problems should then (hopefully) all go away.

Good luck with it all!