I can no longer modify/edit my org charts in LibreOffice. Please help

Family Organization Charts
Thanks I first created the org charts with MS Word and when MS Word started charging I continued with LibreOffice. Until a few days ago I have been unable to make changes to the charts [moved additions from title to the question - EarnestAl]
When I am in one of the org charts I get a message saying “to edit this object install OrgPlusWOPX”.

Please edit your question to include details of operating system and LibreOffice.

Click Help - About LibreOffice, click the icon just after Version information to copy to clipboard.

Click the pencil icon under your question to edit it and then paste the clipboard. Cheers, Al

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Please add details to the question, not the title

Can you open the file? Can you make changes but not save them? Have you recently upgraded?

If you are on Windows then today is Update Tuesday, please allow computer to update and restart before checking again.

Imho this is quite precise: Your chart was created by an extension/plugin for MS-Office. If you don’t have it, you can’t edit the object. If they don’t have a version for LibreOffice, you are either locked to MS-Office, or all you can do is deleting the object to replace/re-create with something else.
And if I read your text right, it has never worked in LibreOffice for you?

Given that Visio is mentioned by Microsoft in referring to organisation charts, it might be worth try to edit the chart in Draw.

Thank you.
It was working with LibreOffice until a few days ago.

No replies to my questions so I can’t help.

I sent this message at 3:25 pm

Thank you.
It was working with LibreOffice until a few days ago.

Did you receive the message?

@Joanros, help yourself answering:

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Yes I have recently upgraded. I can open the file but unable to make changes.

What is the language that you normally speak?

Microsoft recently removed the Organization Chart add-in in an update due to “lack of sufficient Unicode support”.

Thank you for replying. I can no longer update the org charts created in Word. I am told I have to redo the charts. The newer version unfortunately isn’t user friendly. I still have to contact help.microsoft.com for the latest chart I created due to an issue.

And by the way (slightly off-topic), they also removed the “Write” edtitor, which used to be kind of reference implementation of the rtf file format.