I can not scroll in my document with ver

Upgraded to ver, now I cannot scroll down the document. Using my touchpad and all I get is jittery cursor that wants to go to top of page, but never down page. I have to use the cursor keyboard arrows to move down page and that is line by line. The PgDn and PgUp keys work also.

I have scroll ability in other applications such as Firefox, so I know my touchpad is working properly. It is just in LO that I can not scroll.

I should add that if I try to scroll down quickly and a lot, then the document actually starts moving downwards a bit and then turns and goes up even quicker again.

It’s a reported bug and it seems that it’s fixed in 5.1.1: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=97288

I have just upgraded to LO5 and scrolling with the mouse wheel moves the cursor instead of the page. The scrolling bar on the right also moves the cursor. This is the case both in Writer and Calc.
What is the answer?

I know its been over a year, but I’m using, and this exact issue is what I am seeing on OSX 10.11. Scrolling down with mousewheel or trackpad is mostly unresponsive (unless done so extremely fast or heavy handed… only jumping a couple notches at a time), while up is correct (where even the slightest of up-scroll moves one line quickly).

I cannot scroll with the trackapad in Libre Office on Windows 10. Scrollbar works. All other applications scroll normally, so it’s not my trackpad. No matter how quick I move.