I can open LibreWriter but not LibreCalc. What gives?

When I try to open LibreCalc directly the wheel spins and then … nothing. Likewise if I try to open an .xls document directly with LibreCalc. I have no trouble with LWriter or LDraw. I haven’t tried any of the others yet. Do I need to Download again?

Hi !

May be you should must reinstall with the stable version 5.3.6, what is your Operating system, what is your Libreoffice version ?

See you !

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language (Spanish)
LIbreOffice 5.4 Is it unstable?

Hi !
It’s not really cleer, but you have two versions and the more stable is 5.3.6 because it’s the conservative version.

I ran a repair program, and now I am able to use LibreCalc!