I cannot break a DDE link in Writer

I created a document in Writer containing 33 simple tables linked by DDE to a 33 pages of multi page Calc Spreadsheet. I made a small error in one copy and paste (another issue!) and wish to modify or delete one table and replace it. I go to Edit links to External files, bring up the list, highlight the relevant link, click ‘break link’ ,confirm , close and save the document. The link is no longer visible in the list. Click into the table to be replaced, click delete table and up comes the dialog box ‘The structure of a linked table cannot be modified’. Close document, reload and the link I thought I had broken is back in the list!

Any advice or suggestion more than welcome.

The Writer document will be converted into a PDF as a partial summary of the spreadsheet contents and sent to a group.

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Are you sure your Calc sub-tables are inserted as DDE links? DDE has been replaced by OLE which embeds the spreadsheet in the document.

I tried to create a DDE table but I end up with a common table. I can’t find any “Edit link” With an OLE table, there is no link either but a double click or right-click+Edit allows to edit the table.

Is your document saved as .odt?

I am under LO

I am on version 7.1.3 of Libreoffice. The document is in .odt format

The links were definitely created using DDE. When using Edit > Paste Special > in Writer there is no option to paste a selection as OLE. I am familiar with OLE in other applications. 32 of the 33 DDE links function as expected and update from the Calc source when Tools > Update > All is clicked.

None of the other DDE link functions seem to be available. For example, if I click ‘Modify link’ the dialog box is shown with no options. And ‘Break Link’ certainly does not work!

The links relate to the same cell ranges across multiple sheets of the same Calc file, which is within the same directory. The mistake I made was selecting an incorrect range of cells from one sheet and wish to amend it. Using Insert > Object > OLE I do not see a way of pasting only the required selections, only the complete spreadsheet.

OLE pasting is hidden under a misleading label. Select the spreadsheet part you want. Edit>Paste Special>Paste Special in Writer. To get OLE, use LibreOffice 7.0 Spreadsheet. No mention of OLE, but it is OLE as you can see afterwards in the Navigator.

For my information, where are the Break Link and Update Link for DDE objects? Is this a 7.1 feature? I’d like to experiment.

OK I will try that approach tomorrow. “For my information, where are the Break Link and Update Link for DDE objects? Is this a 7.1 feature? I’d like to experiment.” In Writer select Edit > Links to external files which will be greyed out if none have been created. The dialog box opens but nothing in it seems to work.

Yes that works but is not really the presentation I prefer in an odt file. I will use this a temporay measure but I would dearly like to know why the DDE function in Writer appears not to be of any value!