I cannot delete obsolete ' recent items'

  1. List item

Three options


Menu File → Recent Documents → Clear List (LibreOffice 4.1/4.2)


Close LibreOffice

Go to your LibreOffice user profile

Open registrymodifications.xcu with a text editor

Search for ‘PickList’

Delete the corresponding item, and save registrymodifications.xcu,

e.g. for a file sample.odt:

<item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Histories/Histories/org.openoffice.Office.Histories:HistoryInfo['PickList']/ItemList"><node oor:name="file:///path/sample.odt" oor:op="replace"><prop oor:name="Filter" oor:op="fuse"><value>writer8</value></prop><prop oor:name="Password" oor:op="fuse"><value></value></prop><prop oor:name="Title" oor:op="fuse"><value>sample</value></prop></node></item>


Install the extension History Master via Tools → Extension Manager… → Add…

Restart LibreOffice

Remove the entry via Tools → Add-Ons → History Master: List Handling…