I cannot exit "LibreOffice Chart" view

Hi there,

I have been working for the last few months on a spreadsheet, originally saved in a version of Excel (so saved as an .xlsx file), with LibreCalc. It has been working fine. However, I last saved the document on 16 August and, since then, I cannot open it properly.

Instead of the document opening to the spreadsheet, it opens to the following edit screen of one of the spreadsheets that is included on the spreadsheet. I have never seen this screen before and therefore did not save the document like this. Please tell me how I can exit this view and get back to my spreadsheet. I cannot do it for the life of me and cannot find any assistance in the wiki. I really can’t afford to lose the data in the spreadsheet so any assistance would be gratefully received.

Many thanks!


Windows 7

Did you inadvertently save your chart as a .odc file? Perhaps by using “Save As” while the chart was in edit mode.

Hopefully you still have the .ods file somewhere on your system.

Thanks, but no, I don’t believe so. As I say, I’ve been saving the file as a .xlsx file.

Perhaps try making a copy for backup, rename to .zip, open as zip file and remove the chart from zip file xl\charts, rename back to .xlsx and see if LibreOffice can recover the file without the chart. Seems to work with a simple sample xlsx file but not sure about the mode your file is in.

This didn’t seem to work, as there was no xl\charts directory in the zip file. That said, bizarrely, it did contain a .png of the data not included in the chart and the chart provided the rest so I was able to salvage what I needed, set up a new file and start again.

Many thanks for your help.