I cannot get LO offline help to work

I have installed the latest versions of LibreOffice & associated offline help.
I have also updated Java & enabled JRE in Tools - LibreOffice - Advanced.
I can still get no offline help.
Any help out there?

What happens when you try? The answer may well help us help you find an answer.

I have the same problem. When I press F1 or just Help from the menu, I get taken to the online help pages.

At last I think I have sorted this.

I was installing the 64-bit version of LO on my 64-bit machine.
However, the offline help is only issued in 32-bit.
The Help / F1 function in the 64-bit LO version cannot access 32-bit offline help.

The solution is to install the 32-bit LO suite, then it’s all compatible.
Watch out for the default setting in the download page - mine always goes to 64-bit & I have to select the 32-bit version from the list.


However, the offline help is only issued in 32-bit

This is false. The download page for 64-bit LO also offers 64-bit help pack, like http://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/stable/5.4.3/win/x86_64/LibreOffice_5.4.3_Win_x64_helppack_ru.msi

Well I am using Version: (x64)
Build ID: 86daf60bf00efa86ad547e59e09d6bb77c699acb
CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 10.0; UI render: default;
Locale: en-US (en_US); Calc: group threaded
and even with the appropriate offline help installed I get taken to the online help. What gives?

What specifically you mean when say “I get taken to the online help”? Do you get a warning saying “Local help for language is not installed; use online help”? Or do you have a browser opening without warnings, showing you the new offline HTML help (with address in the address bar indicating that using URLs like file://…)?

The Offline Help onlyworks correctly when the version of the Help file matches the version of LibreOffice that you are using, and language of the Help file matches the current interface language, of course they will also have to be both 64 bits or 32 bits.

I have LO Help file is for 5.4 have installed (twice) but will not open. Difficult to use this program if no help file - can’t find decent online version either - Disappointed!

Solution found:

I was downloading the English (US) file when downloaded and installed the English (GB) file the offline help became available!


Reread my answer, it states exactly that: version and language of the offline Help has to be the same as the LibreOffice version that you have.

I did and that was why I posted the above !!

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