I cannot install LibreOffice at all

I have tried to download and install the program and I am unable. I initially was given the error that the installation package (.msi) cannot be opened. I tried registering/deregistering msi and starting it from the services window, nothing worked. I then converted the .msi file to an .exe file. After doing this the installation begins and allows me to click through the first few options, but as soon as I hit the actual installation, I get hit with an error.

I get an error 1305. Error reading from file C:/Users/Matt/Appdata/Local/Temp/MSI7304.tmp. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

The last part of that has changed each time I’ve tried to install it. I have run as administrator, and from have tried from the desktop. Please any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Did you already check FAQ about General Installation Issues on Windows? (Renaming MSI to EXE seems to be a bad idea to me, but I’m not a Windows expert). Did you check the integrity of your MSI file you’ve downloaded? The whole thing sounds like a corrupted MSI file.

I used a random converter i found online, I did not change the file extension manually. It was a last ditched effort as it would not open the .msi file. Once I converted the file at least opened but I received the above error

Hi Moid.

Did you try installing it FROM another drive other than C: drive?


Im not sure how to check the integrity of a file? I downloaded the file twice, first from the main website, and then from the archive website, as I read different mirrors may not be reliable

I tried installing from C:/Desktop, and then after reading your comment, from my second drive E:/Documents. I get the same types of errors as above

Yea I meant to say install it FROM C: drive as the person I provided the link from experienced a very similar issue with the same error code & resolved it by installing from C: drive but you were already doing this, sorry I couldn’t help.

No worries at all, thank you for taking the time to try! Please if you have any other ideas i can try let me know

On archive website click the link rightmost of the MSI file, which is called Details - there you’ll get mirror lists and hash values of the file. Calculate the hash value (e.g. sha256) from your file and compare with the hash given.

You wouldn’t happen to have a Brother printer software installed would you? I have read the Brother printer software conflicts with LibreOffice installation process & closing the Brother software from taskbar tray icon or ending it’s tasks solves this.

First of all, check the “troubleshooter tool from Microsoft” step there in FAQ. How to check for integrity depends on the tool: e.g., if you use 7-zip, you have some context menu entries to check CRC/SHA; using that to get SHA256 of the MSI, and comparing with the one mentioned on the download site (see FAQ) lets you see if the file is bit-to-bit identical to original, and is not corrupted on transfer.

No, I dont have any software from them.

Where/would I find the hash from the file on my desktop? I managed to fine the hash of the file I downloaded on the site.

Two tools that allow to calculate checksums were mentioned in the FAQ.

I checked the SHA256 number on the .msi file and it is identical to the one from the archive website