Error 1305 when installing LibreOffice 5.0.6 - solution already known

Since I experienced error 1305 when trying to install version 5.0.6 and discovered how to solve that, I realized that report this could be useful to somebody else.

Solution is: installation file (LibreOffice_5.0.6_Win_x86.msi) MUST be at C:\ drive, but it´s not mandatory to be on root. Any folder, since located in C:\ drive, is ok.

I was trying to install LibreOffice from a folder located in drive D:. Although target of installation was as folder in C:\ volume (default folder aimed by installer), installer quit process right in the beginning.
I am using Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and SP1.

Part of the merit is due to user DaveE, since his report at Error 1305 when installing LO 4.4.1 or on Windows 7 64 bit inspired me.