I cannot move text box in libreoffice draw

When I add a text box in libreoffice draw 6.2 it appears in one place of the document and I cannot select to move it. Cannot figure out what is wrong.

Hi Petro, it works wonderfully for me.

image description

With me Windows 10, Version 1809, 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

No selection box or dots appear using Mac OS Ventura. Completely maddening there’s no apparent tool to simply move objects or text boxes.

If you have an image inserted and selected (green dots on its edges) then when you create a text box, it will be locked to the middle of the image. If you click outside the image, the selection dots will disappear. If you create a text box (F2) without an image selected, you should be able to draw a text box the size you want.

Once you have a text box, it should look something like the animation above, with blue edge lines and gray-blue selection dots. If you hover on the selection dots, you will see a resize symbol and you can change the box dimensions, but if you hover slightly near there, the resize symbol should become a hand, and that will let you move the text box around.

And what is the question?
Regarding the image issue, it looks like you’re labelling an image, not adding a new text box in your drawing. Exact steps description is needed to answer. And this may be an independent question.
Most important: what you wrote is not another solution to initial question and should have been stated as a comment. So please, repost as a comment to comply with site policy (Question & Answers type, not forum).

What I posted as a solution is the solution that solved things for me - realizing that the create text box command functions differently based on whether an image is selected.

I ended up on this page because I had a problem that I described identically to how the original poster described his situation. It may or may not have been the same problem, the original poster doesn’t provide enough information to tell for sure, and the thread is three years old so that information likely no longer exists.