I can't access libre docs from the desktop


I am unable to open libre docs from the desktop after an update on my lap top last night. I can only open them by going in through the app directly. This was working fine until the update. I can’t right click on document because when I click on it, it pushes me out and it brings me back to the desk top. The docs that I need to get to are in a folder.

Sounds like Windows messed up your file handler / association settings.
You’ll list have to re-assign them,

Rick-click on one of files and tell your os to open this file with LO / writer / impress / …

You only have to do this once for each filetype (odt,doc, …)

Everything should be back to normal afterwards.

Hi. It would allow me to right click as when I do, it throws me out and brings me back to the desktop. The docs that I need to access are in a folder.

“throws me out” sounds like a more system related problem.

Is your username still the same? Try Restart a few times in case Windows is still in an uncertain state. Does it sound like Windows update changed my user account name ? Check through the answers there.

Try turning off anti-virus and see if you can right-click a file and select Open With.