I can't apply a font to more than one cell at a time.

I select some cells in calc and cannot apply a font to them. I can only apply a font to one cell at a time.

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I can apply a font or color to only one cell at a time in calc.

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This appears to be connected to data copied/pasted from a web page. When I enter text to cells, I can apply color, typeface & size to selected cells.

Are you using the Cell Styles or the manual formatting method?

Manual to select a typeface, size & color.

Please read this Getting Started and ask a (good) question - your post is telling about an observation, which I personally (and probably many other users) can’t reproduce:

image description

I came across a similar behavior when the text of one cell had a mixed (different) format, and then, when the range of cells was selected, it was not possible to reformat it at once (one by one only). Try to reset the format for the cell range by pressing CTLR+M (clears direct formatting), and then set a new format for the range.

Yes, it works. The problem is in direct formatting.

Note: Always better to use the Cell Styles to format the cells. The Styles are the most valuable feature of the Apache OpenOffice and the LibreOffice.

Works fine for me on my Xubuntu box with LO Try to reset your LibreOffice user profile (rename it).

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