I can't click on the 'hide white space' button under 'view' anymore. I don't know what I did to disable it, but I liked using it.

I was using it for months, but as long as I’m asking, is there a way to make a document save with white spaces hidden and then reopen with them also still hidden? The most important question is what do I have to do to make it usable again?

This view “aspect” makes sense only if Writer can totally eliminate pages, i.e. you don’t impose otherwise a multi-page view.

At bottom right of the status bar, there is the zoom slider: zoom slider. Immediately at its left, there is a group of 3 small icons for single-page, two-pages and book views. In the picture above, book-mode is enabled.

Multi-page view disables View>Hide Whitespace. To make it active again, switch to single-page mode.

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When this is not working, you must switch from View Layout Automatic to Single page.

View Zoom Zoom View Layout Single Page OK