I can't find "shrink one page"

Where was it? I’ve used it before. Where has it gone?

When I go to print a text document, I have previously been able to shrink it to fit -in MS Word the command is called “Shrink to Fit”, but in Writer I think it is called “Shrink One Page”. I have used it fairly recently, but cannot now find it

I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I’ve been using LibO for years! Please edit into your question all relevant information (OS, LibO version, etc.), and elaborate the funcationality you seem to be missing. Thanks!

When I go to print a text document, I have previously been able to shrink it to fit -in MS Word the command is called “Shrink to Fit”, but in Writer I think it is called “Shrink One Page”. I have used it fairly recently, but cannot now find it

Sorry to say, but this question is extremely clear and descriptive, as-is.

Microsoft Word has had a function for at least 10 years, originally in the Print Preview pane, “shrink by one page.” It’s a function that examines the entire document and does what it can to reduce page occupancy so as to reduce the overall page length by one page. Designed for the use case of professional correspondence where a small paragraph or a few lines of material wrap onto the next page at the end, so that the final version would otherwise feature a last-page of the document with a lot of whitespace. It can cause confusion, it can cause miscommunication in the event of the last page being separated and misplaced by the recipient (especially when the final page is also page 2) and frankly, it’s a waste of paper when printed.

The “shrink by one page” function often reduces body text by half a point-size, and also does similar with margin / header / footer text. I am also curious how LO handles this.

@RolandDeepson - thanks for that elaboration. It still doesn’t help me to see where this has ever been part of the LibO Writer feature set. I don’t believe it ever has (although I may well be wrong!), so looking for a non-existent feature is a bit pointless—and it was about a Writer feature (not Word!) that OP was enquiring after.

You probably meant a pdf viewer like Evince, Foxit, Acroread. They are able to fit to printout format (shrink or enlarge), because they are based on graphic format.

You may have a similar effect by using following extension: paraDTP - this extension is some years old and I could not find current development, but it suitably worked on LO 5.x, 6.x and OO 4.x. Give it a try. Different effect compared to pdf readers: You can diminish font size and line distance… (similar to Word, AFAIK).

So are you thinking I might have not used it with Writer or Calc, but it may have been an Adobe file? I suppose this is possible. And when you say use an extension, do you mean when I save the Writer file, i substitute .paraDTP for .ODT ?

For Calc you don’t have to use paraDTP, it is able to enlarge and diminish itself for printout!

For Writer you can install paraDTP extension via menu Tools > Extension Manager > Add > paraDTP.oxt (ParaDTP-0.8.3.oxt)

After a new start of Writer the icon is located (should be) around Standard toolbar or you may show it (menu View > Toolbars > paraDTP toolbar).

Select some text and try the extension. It is able to alter the above mentioned values. Save your document as odt file, no other.

Shrink One Page is a Word command.
No longer on the menus.
You can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Customize Quick Access Toolbar > More Commands > All Commands > Shrink One Page
Select it and Add.

Not aware of a similar command in LO Writer.

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See for a discussion on the Apache OpenOffice forum: [Issue] Shrink to fit? (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - an enhancement request was filed, but it was never implemented.

It was a clear question. I have the same. I don’t understand why the first two people even bother cruising these boards to “help” if they’re just going to be dinks. Because that’s what you both were.

This is no new solution but a comment. This site is a Q&A one, not a forum. So, please, use the more link above and repost as a comment. Or, better, delete this “non-answer” as you’re violating the etiquette.

The problem with the original poster is that he doesn’t realize that users of LibreOffice may never have worked with MS Word, and therefore don’t know what he’s .talking about. Instead of repeating his question, he should elaborate. Explain that Shrink one page means artificially reducing the number of pages by one by reducing the font size of the text so much that you squeeze it on one less page than before. Then you can expect a sensible answer.