I can't get the sum product function too work on sample week 0,sample 2. I have wasted alot of time on this and doubt if it is worth it.

I have 3 columns,a-c and rows 2-102. I am not selecting anything just entering it in a cell below and everytime I do I get 0 as an answer. therefore =sumproduct(b2:b102,c2:c102). Does anybody understand what I have just said? thanks

I guess both columns have numbers, please be sure they are numbers not numbers as text.

for german locale i had to substitute ‘,’ in the formula by a ‘;’, then it worked as well with numbers as also with some text values spread across the data area (i think rows with text ommitted from calculation).

once one column has only text values result is ‘0’.

checked with Version: (x64), win.