I can't open any of my Libre files


This has only just started happening - i can’t open any of my files it just says - C:\Users\rachel\Desktop\Untitled 1.odt does not exist when i click on them. I’ve uninstalled programme and reinstalled it and still no joy???

I’ve got so much important stuff in my files i’m literally having panic attacks!!!

Can anyone help me???

Many thanks


I guess it happens from start screen, have you tried through Open/file or Menu/File/Open?

Hi thanks for your reply - yes it will let me open a new document type in it and save it then open it but it won’t let me open any of my existing files - it says they don’t exist even tho i can see them???

Can you see the files going through the system explorer and open it by double click?

no i can just see the files on the libre office page but when i double click them it says they don’t exist?

LibreOffice shows the list of the last files opened, but if they are not in the disk it can’t open it. Search for your files from the system explorer.