I can't open files in google drive

I have just successfully mounted my Googledrive on my Raspberry Pi 400 so that I can view its files either from the File Manager GUI (or if appropriate from within LibreOffice itself).
I can open pdf files, jpg files and mp3 files without a problem. However, if I try to open either a .xlsx or a .doc document LibreOffice (version: immediately crashes, giving a “Due to a unexpected error…” message. If I copy the file and save it to my local drive then it opens without a problem.
Is this problem due to the Googledrive files not being on a local drive? Or is it a permissions thing?
Any ideas would be most welcome.

First of all check whether you can create hidden files on the mounted Google Drive device. If creating a file e.g named .~lock.test.ods# fails, than this may be the reason for the failure. If you really can’t create hidden files, try to disable LibreOffice file locking and read my answer to question How to disable file locking on linux (Ubuntu) - Permanently, but forget all the unsatisfying discussion and the question itself.