I can't save records

Ive built a Base database and have added a few records into it, i can then toggle through the records and they are all there, however when I close Base down and reopen it all of the records have gone leaving an empty database.

My OS is Big Sur on a IMac.

AS requested I’ve added a copy of the file. Household2.odb


What specific version of LibreOffice are you using and what database is it (Base is not itself a database)?

Default is not valid for either. LO has various current versions and Base comes with both HSQLDB embedded and Firebird embedded databases.

Have checked the form properties as requested and it is set to “No”. Table also is blank and has no records saved.


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If this is still a problem, need a sample. Have no other options to suggest and cannot think of other conditions presenting this.

Thanks for the quick response.
the version is and the database was created with HSQLDB embedded.


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No reason for your result. Please post your Base file without personal or confidential information. Do this by editing your original question and adding it there. Please see → How do I attach a file to my question/answer?


Just had another thought. It seems your toggling through records is on a form. It may be you have set the form (internal form) property of Add data only to Yes (on Data tab of internal form properties). This allows cycling of newly added records until re-opened. Then they are no longer new.

If you examine the data in the table view, the records should be there.

Edit 2020-11-26:

Have tried your attached sample. Have no problem. Can add records, close & re-open and records are still there. I am using LO v7.0.3.1 from TDF (The Document Foundation) on Ubuntu 20.04 Mate.

You may want to try resetting you user profile → LibreOffice user profile

Also, please provide the version of Java being used. My Understanding is that JDK12 works for your OS.

Edit #2 on 2020-11-26:

Did find potential problem. It is with embedded images. Will post more information later.

Now it’s later :slight_smile: → It is best not to embed images in a database. Linking to an external image will be faster and not bloat a database. HSQLDB has a problem with large amounts of data and will cause a loss in many cases as you have experienced. Using Firebird embedded will improve the chances of not losing data but has a different problem. With the embedded version, the file will not reduce in size even if you delete information. It will re-use the emptied space but to reduce the size you must remove the DB, restore it (it is a backup file), return it to a backup file & return it to the Base file.

For a quick look into linking images, see this post → How to insert a link to an odb database to display an image

You should be able to save at least a single record. If not, you are having other problems and check out information in first edit in answer.